50 Reflective Personal Development Inquiry Questions

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Personal development is sometimes an overlooked category when considering an inquiry unit. Depending on the age of your students, you might find that delving deep into questions that touch on identity, relationships, and personal development isn’t easy for students to grasp right away. Asking kids to tap into their goals, desires, and their place in the world can be daunting.

However, they can be a great place to start helping students celebrate what makes them unique and special.

Students are filled with strong opinions, regardless of their age. For example, they are opinionated about friends, rules, and the things they observe. It is important to touch base with them about their opinions for a few reasons:

  1. Helps to enforce the belief that their thoughts, feelings, and opinions matter
  2. Creates and reinforces strong bonds and relationships
  3. Encourages students to reflect on how their thoughts, feelings, and opinions are shaping their everyday actions
  4. Satisfies a deeply human desire to be heard and understood

Below are some sample questions you might find useful when starting an inquiry unit on personal development, relationships, citizenship, or community:

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