50 Out-Of-This-World Science and Space Questions for Inquiry Learning

night sky in the desert

Science can yield some of the most fascinating and rich inquiry questions imaginable. Throw in some outer space learning, and you have yourself a great platform for all kinds of deep questions.

While planning for a science inquiry can take a bit longer than your normal inquiry unit, the benefits seriously outweigh the time and effort you put in.

Perhaps one of the reasons science and space are such interesting topics is because of all the unknown that exists. We haven’t yet explored every possible concept, and we certainly haven’t explored the whole solar system. Students love the idea of discovering ideas and making connections on their own. Science and space inquiries are an amazing opportunity for those connections to be made and for curiosity levels to skyrocket (pardon the pun).

The questions below will hopefully give you some inspiration for your next inquiry about science and/or space:

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