3 Easiest Ways to Get Excited About Inquiry

Teachers have an incredibly challenging job full of ups and downs. Some days are downright draining while others feel like an invigoration for the mind and soul. So how can genuine excitement and curiosity be fostered? How can teachers set a positive and exciting tone for inquiry-based approaches? 

Approach inquiry with an open and excited mind

Think about how exciting it must feel for your students to be given the opportunity to explore topics and problems that are important to them. Envision the ways they will light up and enjoy their learning when given the chance to take ownership of their own work. Take joy in the idea that this may be the most exciting opportunity they’ve ever had at school to do something that really matters to them.

Be open to the unexpected

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Many students feel as though their teacher has all the answers all the time. But there’s something exciting and freeing about admitting to your students that you don’t know everything there is to know about a particular subject. Being open and honest about things you have little knowledge about will catch your students off-guard. Chances are, it’ll make the process that much more exciting for them – maybe they discover something that you didn’t know about. Imagine how great that might make a child feel!

Gather an assortment of materials

A fun part of the inquiry process is setting your classroom up for exploration, questioning, and curiosity. Try heading to the local library, or ask friends and family members for reading materials. Ask students and their families for things like postcards, letters, brochures, or photos. Second-hand stores or a local park can be treasure troves full of books, photos, objects, toys, or supplies that you can use to set up inquiry stations around your classroom. Be sure to also check out your school’s pre-existing resources for some hidden gems there too.

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