Positives of the Pandemic Activity

cloud with silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining. For some students, it’s meant sleeping in or getting to play video games. For others, maybe their silver lining is spending more time with their families or starting their new computer games. 

How Students Are Managing

Whether they realize it or not, students will look back on this time and remember the moments that made them smile. And they’ll remember how their family home felt during these tricky times. 

A lot has been written about how to explain COVID-19 to kids. This includes information about mental health and dealing with stress and anxiety. Teachers have also been encouraged to give students a little extra time with their work and support them in whatever ways they can.

While it’s important to talk with kids about staying safe, washing their hands, and respecting other people’s space, it’s also important to steer the conversations towards the importance of community, helping one another, being resilient, and practising mindfulness and gratitude.

Cultivating Empathy

Community is important in times like these. People they know as being warm, helpful, and happy might now look worried, confused, or sad. But it’s important to teach children about being able to see the silver lining in otherwise uncertain times. Showing and practising empathy are also incredibly important. We’ve listed a few silver linings below to share with your kids:

To help students see their silver linings, we developed a creative activity that can help remind students about the positives that have come out of their time at home.

My Silver Linings: Activity

  1. Draw or trace the shape of a cloud onto a large piece of paper

  2. Students think about all of their “silver linings” – for example, getting to sleep in, teaching your grandparents how to use Facetime, learning how to bake cake, building a birdhouse, spending time with your dog, playing games online with friends, having mom and dad home to talk to and hang out with, etc.

  3. Write some of those silver linings along the inside perimeter of their clouds

  4. Students colour pictures or stick printed out photos of their silver linings inside their cloud

  5. Optionally, cut out the cloud and hang it on the fridge, bedroom door, etc to remind them of all the silver linings that have come from this otherwise difficult time

Feel free to share your silver linings on instagram using the hashtag #mysilverlinings!

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