Writing for Learning by Inquiry

1. Don’t be afraid to be authentic

It’s great to have different opinions and to hear stories from teachers in a variety of classrooms around the world. Everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s your first stumble into inquiry learning, or some tips you’ve learned from years of practice. We want to hear about it! The more authentic you can be in your writing, the more connected other teachers, educators, and parents will feel to your content.

2. Write with passion and conviction

People love listening to others who are passionate about what they do. Teachers and educators are no exception! Be honest, excited, and open. Write a piece you would want to read yourself – one that makes people feel excited about inquiry teaching and makes them feel confident about their classroom practice.

3. Bring a fresh perspective

No two viewpoints are ever the same, especially in the classroom. Only you can provide us with your unique set of experiences, wisdom, knowledge, and advice. No topic is too serious, or not serious enough. Every point has a counterpoint. We welcome new perspectives and a fresh way of thinking. What works for some teachers may not work for all, and this complexity is the beauty of teaching!

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