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Hi! My name is Victoria and I’ve been teaching for 10 years in a variety of classrooms. I created Learning by Inquiry to help teachers, parents, and educators understand and implement inquiry-based learning in their classrooms and at home. I truly feel that inquiry learning is one of the best ways for students to learn in the 21st century! I hope you can find some helpful articles, resources, downloads, and inspiration to use in your classroom.

I graduated with both a BA and BEd in 2013 and relocated from Canada to the U.K, where I taught in a handful of schools until midway through 2017 when I returned home. I really loved getting to know the differences between the English school system and the Canadian one that I was familiar with. As a recent graduate, I was exposed to many different teaching styles, subjects, and methods of instruction that completely challenged me and my pedagogy. 

I came back from the U.K with a new perspective on the roles teaching and learning should play in the lives of students.

By 2018 I began teaching at a small Montessori school where I could fully realize the benefits of inquiry learning. It was there that I had the freedom to dive into the inquiry method and really understand its enormous potential to create positive change. I truly believe that students engage with their learning more when the learning is relevant to them. As teachers, we have the power to create meaning and relevance for our students and to help them build the confidence needed to ask questions, be curious, and to discover the world around them.

While at the Montessori school, I did a lot of fun and unique projects with the students:

What I Currently Do:

Currently, I work from home as a teacher and as someone who is passionate about inquiry-based learning, eager to share my knowledge and experiences with you! I hope you have a fun and productive time on Learning by Inquiry!

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